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May 13th saw Ruisort's 'Acapulco Now' unleashed on the world, and marked the crest of a Mexican wave that has engulfed the world over this spring. Ruisort works up his genre-defying capabilities into a frenzy on this divine album, with horns, basslines, percussion, and piano tinkling coming together to show anybody and everybody that there is more to Mexico than tacos and tequila. If you haven't yet had a chance to heard this beauty, click here to end your misery. To buy it from our online shop click here


The Manana EP promos are doing the rounds at the moment, and Pilote has yet again come up with sounds to mess with your tearducts. With release dates later in May and June respectively, these EPs are two 4-track slices of Pilote's sublime craftsmanship, and already we can anticipate a supply/demand crisis as they are to be limited 1000 run vinyl only. This is the first new material since 'DoItNowMan'. Pilote fans have been hungry for a while now, but you can catch him at the Spirit Of Gravity Festival in Brighton on May 18th ( for more details) and at Deconstructed at the MI Bar in Truro, Cornwall on 7th June - see


Polar is back from the studio with 'Out of the Blue' - out on 1st July - and if ever there was a signal that there is an omniscient being in musical production, then this is it. More a frame of mind than piece of music, you don't need visuals with sounds as real as these. Vinyl junkies take note: the vinyl version of 'Out Of The Blue' will feature the non-drum n bass tracks. Following this, the drum n bass numbers will be released as a 12" later in July.


Panoptica has been touring around Europe with the rest of the boys from the Nortec Collective, taking in the Royal Festival Hall in London recently and the Batofar in Paris, amongst other places. Anyone who was at the Royal Festival Hall on April 27th will need no reminding of what a special night it was: as well as the Nortec, we were treated to the mighty Gotan Project, and Amon Tobin and Mr Panoptica himself DJ-ing in the lobby. A truly wondrous evening. The Nortec are still on tour, so to find out if they are in a city near you, go to . Go on!

Future Prophecies

Future Prophecies have been busy of late. They currently have a 12" out on G2 Recordings, one on Outbreak, and are working on something with Moving Shadow. And they still get time to go back to Norway to tour! Get them! For more Future Prophecies news, watch this space…


Well, Mr Teebee is notching up more worldwide dates than a globetrotting gigolo - and he is showing no sign of relenting. There is a good chance that Teebee is playing in your country very soon, so go to the Club section of the site to pinpoint when. And don't blame us if you can't keep up - we can't either…


Bookings for Klute, Teebee and Future Prophecies now got through Tom @ Coda Agency, London. See for more details…

For any other Certificate 18 artist, email and we will get back to you as sure as night follows day.

Internet Radio Shows

Internet Radio Shows - catch the Certificate 18 Records Show on every fourth Wednesday of the month for an injection of Certificate 18 tunes with Paul Arnold and guests.


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